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Ad Sizes & Pricing

The Fishwrapper is a free, independent publication that relies entirely on advertising to keep on promoting local events, organizations and artists.  Paid ads help us to be able to include more content and keep providing this paper to our communities.

This page is eventually going to explain all the reasons why it's such a great idea to advertise in the Fishwrapper. But for now, trust us, it's a great idea.

  • The Fishwrapper has wide area of distribution from Kingston to Cornwall, and north through Athens, Frankville, Merrickville, Spencerville, and Kemptville (see the 'Find the Fishwrapper' map). 

  • We have many repeat advertisers who tell us that they are getting a great return for their advertisement investment with us.

  • As a monthly, the Fishwrapper provides advertising exposure for an entire month instead of just a few days.

  • The monthly calendar is always in the middle of the paper so it is easily accessed. It features arts and entertainment opportunities throughout our distribution area.

"I had two groups book because they saw the ad in the Fishwrapper!"
Diablo Manor, Spencerville
"I put the calendar on my fridge! 
Fishwrapper  Reader, Brockville
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